I was told my emotions lied to me, but what if that was wrong?

When I was in high school, I remember being told often in my church youth group, "Your emotions will lie to you."

I think what they were trying to communicate is that just because I felt ugly or stupid (or any of the other things that you feel in high school), didn't make it true.  The challenge in that teaching is that it taught me to doubt the way I feel.

As I've grown, I've come to believe that our emotions don't lie to us.  We can misinterpret them.  We can take wrong action because of them, but I don't believe they lie to us.

In fact, I believe that emotions can be highly accurate sensors for what it is we truly really want.

What if our emotions read true, but they are also heavily influenced by sensory input.  Have you ever listened to sad music and started to feel sad? Or spent time with an angry person and started to feel angry? If our emotions are easily influenced, then it seems that it would be a good idea to give them space to breathe.  To be able to feel them and learn what it is they want to tell us rather than reacting from thing to thing.

I've heard the quote that "reason produces conclusion but emotion produces action."

We make the most important decisions in our lives based on emotion.  The person we marry. The house we buy. The cities we move to. Given that they have such power in our lives it seems a good idea that we take care of them.

After all, sometimes we have to trust them.

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