The Weight Game...30 day update

This is the next installment of my update on The Weight Game. I've been working with Karen McCarville of Mindful Life Nutrition to transition to a whole foods, plant-based diet. The difference in this from the vegan diet I follow now is a much bigger focus on eating foods in their natural state. I've been working with Karen for two months and will continue for the next four months to make the transition so that it is incremental.

I'm going into my third month now with a goal of eating 75% raw fruits and vegetables each day. One of the things I wanted when I started the process was to be able to trust my body when it says it's hungry. I'm to that point.

Here's the other big transition this month. I have ALWAYS had a problem with sugar. Now that I've been eating so much fresh fruit I realize why. I'm a high-energy person and sugar is quick energy for your body. But while processed sugar creates problems for you, fresh fruits provide fuel that your body has to do very little work to process.

Here's my other big "aha." Many things I used to consume (white flour, processed foods like vegan meats, almond or soy milk, etc.) my body no longer sees as food at all. It has really begun to prefer fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

Eating out continues to be a challenge, and I find I go to the grocery store more often because the stuff I'm eating has a short shelf life.

But I also feel like I'm doing something important for myself, and definitely like I'm now running on the fuel that was designed to be optimal for me.

The other thing I've realized is that it is different, but it is not hard.

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