Beautiful Friday | Radical Acceptance

None of us sees ourselves objectively.  We look in the mirror and criticize.  Evaluate.

It's exhausting.

This is true for men and women--its just that the measuring stick is different.  We all have an idea of who we should be...and it sucks when what we see in the mirror isn't that.

Yet we know that much of beauty is what we generate from the inside.  Traits like confidence, joy, acceptance...all of these can change our appearance.

I've heard the term "radical acceptance" yet I find it a difficult concept.  After all, a core part of our drive to become is because we don't accept where we are at.  We want to grow into more.  This is true of wealth, our craft, relationships, spirituality, learning...and beauty.

But we've seen the dark side of the "more" in beauty. Anorexia, depression, credit card debt for clothing, Hollywood actresses who can no longer move their faces due to too many botox injections...

So back to this idea of "radical acceptance." What does that mean anyway? Because it sounds a lot like giving up.  A passive concept.

But what if radical acceptance weren't passive at all?

What if it were an action.  Like love.

What if we could truly love ourselves how we are? Without a number on the scale? What if we could be happy about the things that make us wonderful?

What if we stopped scolding ourselves for our own personal aesthetic?

Would that change our experience?

Honestly, I'm not sure.  It's a concept that I'm still learning about.

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