That physical thing you want to change...

I had an interesting conversation with Melania Joy this week. We were comparing notes about the dietary changes we've made.

(In full disclosure I am typing this while eating black bean hummus on pumpernickel crackers, because I felt like if I ate another apple I would scream.)

The benefits to the changes have been many:

1) My muscle tone has increased.
2) My skin looks amazing.
3) My energy is more even.  (I was already pretty high energy but I find I don't have as many spikes and dips during the day.)
4) I'm not as hungry as I used to be. I actually get full now. (Well, except for tonight.)

However, I have not lost a single pound.

Not one.

If I took a photo right now, my stomach would look the same as the photo of the Weight Game post. And when I complained to Mel about this she said, "Well if that's the problem you are trying to solve, why don't you just get liposuction?"


"Plastic surgery is the fastest fix.  Most women our age have belly fat."

So regardless of the fact that I am WAY too squeamish to get plastic surgery, her point was well made.  She went on to say, "I think you need to figure out what the problem is that you really want to solve."

And so I did some thinking on that.  The problem I want to solve is that I want to be healthy well into my 90's--both mentally and physically.  And I believe that diet, exercise and what we think about are the "secret sauce" for that.

But not going to lie, a flat stomach would be pretty nice. (I'm relatively sure I have great abs under the padding.)

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