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So, I've written before that I'm working with Karen McCarville of Mindful Life Nutrition who is helping me transition my lifestyle. I spent this week in San Antonio--the first time I've traveled since making these changes. Here is what I wanted to accomplish:

1. To drink 32oz filtered water every AM--preferred with lemon.
2. To work out for at least 20 minutes every day.
3. For 70% of my food intake to be raw fruits and vegetables.
4. To get eight hours of sleep a night.

So, when I got to San Antonio, the first thing I did is find a grocery store, where I stocked up on filtered water, bananas, oranges, lemons and apples. Normally, I make green smoothies that I drink twice a day but I had no desire to lug a blender with me and try to pull that off in a hotel room. (Karen, my coach actually does this and asks the hotel to put a mini fridge in her room.) Instead I "cheated" by purchasing green powder from the healthfood store to mix in water. (Not as good as fresh...at all.)

I also packed my travel yoga mat (the Manduka EcoSuperLite is really good), my DDP yoga workout on MP3, an immersion heating coil to make tea along with ginger tea bags, orange peeler, and my essential oils and pillow for effective sleep.

This evening I get to see Bethany.  She in her last semester of university here in San Antonio and it is a happy thing that my conference happens to be in her town. The timing was also good.  This weekend, I get to help her set up her new apartment.

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