Beautiful Friday | Adornment

Sometimes it is nice to play dress up.

To try a new eye shadow.

To play with accessories.

The way we dress impacts the way we feel about ourselves, and while it is possible to take this to unhealthy extremes, I am pretty sure that at the core, it is part of our design. After all, in most cultures there is an idea of adornment.  From tattoos to jewelry to clothing, all of us do things with our personal aesthetic.

Often we do it to identify with a group. (Which can be a powerful thing when dressing for a business meeting, social function or concert.)

What if the key to adornment is letting ourselves enjoy the things we really enjoy? Of being willing to step out of group mode and try things to find out what we like the most?

Adornment is fun.  And maybe more importantly makes us feel good.

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