Exploring Manitou Springs without agenda

Some of my favorite moments in other cities have been when I took a single day and had no agenda.

Last week, my friend, Michele and I spent a day in Manitou Springs, CO without a plan, and here is what happened.

1. Tried mate for the first time.  (Love it.  Bought some to take home.)
2. Had a great conversation with a man in a coffee shop who lives in a commune. (Is always fun to me to talk with people who have different life experience to me.)
3. Explored a "castle" which was built by a French priest for his aristocratic mother, but they only lived there for five years.  Then it was purchased by the nuns and became a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients. The stories of the "castle" were incredibly interesting and the historical society had a great selection of pieces that fit the time period.  The restoration was pretty amazing.
4. Walked through different shops and scored windchimes tuned to the key of G at a price point I was willing to pay.
5. Had a great conversation with our waiter at the Mediterranean restaurant about yoga, Sanskrit and tattoos.
6. Tasted different kinds of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
7. Met an herbalist at her apothecary and picked up a natural alternative to my asthma inhaler. (It works surprisingly well.)
8. Listened to street music.
9. Saw many different kinds of deer.
10. Explored the Garden of the Gods.

I feel like we easily could have spent another day there and still not have experienced everything there was to experience.  Which means, we must go back!

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