Flying cheap and packing light

So, this week I grabbed a $100 fare on Spirit Airlines to visit a friend in another state. Here is the key to flying Spirit: Pack Light.  To fly within the fare without a surcharge, you are only allowed one personal item on the flight no more than 16 x 14 x 12".  (Which is pretty small.)

So, this is what I needed for three days including my purse (the red bag) which has my makeup inside:

One handy tool for efficient packing is the shirt folder by Eagle Creek.  You fold over the board, then velcro the wrap around the stack.  I also use their packing cubes for longer trips.  You can get these online or at the Container Store. 

Then it is just a matter of finding the right size bag.  This one by BlueQ is a little smaller than necessary.  However, the Spirit size limit is smaller than most airlines and it is hard to find bags under 18". 

Once upon a time, I packed for every contingency, but luggage was always a hassle. Now, I'd rather have less choices or have to wash something than lug around large pieces through an airport! 

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