Project 333 | 18 month update

If you are new to Project 333 here is how it works... For three months, you live with only 33 items in your closet.

At this point I've been doing Project 333 for about 18 months, and I've learned that the intention of a designed wardrobe can be powerful. Here's why:

It give you a look.
The best approach to designing a capsule wardrobe is to have everything complement everything else in terms of design line, pattern, color and texture. I've taken my cues from Dressing Your Truth and now all the pieces in my wardrobe truly compliment each other.

A capsule wardrobe makes getting dressed and packing for trips faster. 
With fewer choices, decisions about what to wear and what to pack are simplified--which frees up mental resources along with space in the closet.

It's fun. 
I enjoy aligning my wardrobe to a season.  I keep the clothes I'm not using in an under-the-bed box. When I "set" the wardrobe for the upcoming season and pull out items there are moments of "OMG, I absolutely LOVE that jacket!".  It also gives me the opportunity to retire the items I'm tired of by donating them and to pick up a couple of new pieces (either from a thrift store or discount retailer) to make the wardrobe feel fresh.

Before Project 333 I had a closet stuffed with random pieces (usually chosen because it was a 'deal') rather than an actual wardrobe.  Bringing intention to the process of designing a wardrobe has made a huge difference and I've deeply enjoyed the process.

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