Beautiful Friday | Is there a look for this?

Before and articles for magazines, I was writing fiction. In fact, there is no single activity where I can lose more hours without awareness than writing fiction.

I finished two manuscripts and joined DARA (Dallas Area Romance Authors). No matter what your genre, the romance writers seriously have it together.  They are a powerful source of education and advocacy for authors.

The first time I ever went to a meeting, I walked into the hotel and was shown by a clerk to a room where women were gathered in rows wearing nametags. Of course, just like anyone walking into an unfamiliar room, I felt self conscious.  And the more I looked about the more self conscious I became.  These women were dressed to the nines with perfect makeup and hair.  I was seriously intimidated. (And seriously underdressed.)

I took a seat at the back realizing I would never fit in.

And five minutes into the meeting, I discovered these weren't writers at all.  I had been misdirected to the Mary Kay meeting. (Which explained all the pink.)

I left that room and found the right one suddenly feeling much more at home.

You see, there is no "look" for writers.

They come in all shapes, sizes and the spectrum ranges from tomboy to girly-ness.

The group was welcoming and helpful.  That year I had two manuscripts read by the editor I was targeting--and while neither were purchased, I learned that they were good enough to get that far.

I decided to put away fiction and focus on my marketing career. It opened doors for me that quite frankly made me a much better writer. I started creating online content and I began this blog.

But I've never forgotten that sometimes there isn't a look.

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