High School Reunions

Okay, I confess, I almost didn't go to my high school reunion.  

After all, my closest friends from high school were in a different district and we get together each year for BFF weekend. But, my friend Melly-the-Rocker-Chick was on the planning committee and so she made me go.

And you know what? It was fun! I was worried I wouldn't remember anyone--after all, it's been a really, really long time. (A number I'm afraid to type in this blog post because I barely believe it.) But I grew up in the same house for all of my school years which meant that I had gone to school with the same people since first grade. (And in some cases--as George reminded me--kindergarten.)

The planning committee spent a year. (I know this because Melly would report during our mani/pedi sessions.) They all put in money, time and each one contributed their individual talents. The result was a great event where it was easy for people to connect.

These were the things I noticed that night...

  • The people who were loving and kind only became more so as adults. 
  • Those with a talent for making people laugh had only gotten better at it. (I credit the fact that there was no longer a teacher there to send them to the principal's office.) 
  • People's careers didn't surprise me. In most cases they built on the strengths they had as kids. I was a little surprised that we had such a high percentage of nurses and teachers (giving professions) and I'm curious if some teacher in our past didn't inspire that.
  • Friendships were built around activities.  Athletics, band, etc. I was in journalism--which wasn't very large. (And for the record--Thannha Lai--the yearbook did what we wanted it to.  It held up! Also, someone kept the T-shirt that had the "We Are Graphic" art on it. It was hanging on the wall.)
  • It was weird to see the "in memorium" table with the photos of classmates who had died.  Even stranger to think about that number growing as we meet for more reunions.
  • It's funny what we remember.  Debbie who lived across the street reminded me about my mom and dad watching her cross the street to make sure she got home okay and I remember her dad playing piano and singing "Your Mama Don't Dance."  He was amazingly talented and I could see that even at four years old. 
  • While many had survived divorce, it was fun to see some of the couples who had gone the distance and the cool relationships that exist. 
Okay, so now I have to type this....Mel, you were right.  I would totally do it again.  Would even help out on the committee too. So if you are in 10 years from now...so am I. 

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