Looking for the essential

One time Sylvie--a woman I met on a yoga retreat--told me, "They say to follow your heart, but my heart just wants so many things."

I can identify. 

I want to write. To have time with my family. To grow in my day job. To garden. To live sustainably. To eat healthy. To practice yoga. To create. 

You have your own list...right? 

Our hearts want so many things. 

But we are timebound creatures you and I.  There are never enough resources for the heart to have everything it wants. 

So how do we decide? 

I think sometimes we don't. And so we either wind up trying to do everything or doing nothing. 

I wish there were an answer key. The one that was definitive about what to chase in any given moment. 

What if the key is to stop chasing at all and simply learn to listen for the next step?  Is that even possible? Are we missing something in the chase? 

I love what Joshua Fields Milburn wrote..."The truth is, you can skip the pursuit of happiness altogether and just be happy."

I think there is some truth to that. 

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