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We typically think of masculinity and femininity in terms of gender, but I believe there is a bigger principle at play. Something more like the Yin and Yang described in the Chinese culture that is more about energy quality than our physical forms.

I clarify this because I believe that all of us have masculine and feminine qualities regardless of our gender and sometimes get hung up in cultural ideas of masculine and feminine ideals.

A few weeks ago I read:

The true feminine loves beauty and sees it in everyone and everything.

As a girl, I get this. Women love bringing beauty to the world. We decorate our homes. We decorate ourselves. Of course some do this more than others, but there is something about the feminine quality  in us that is aligned with beauty.

I think that is why many men who are able to do beautiful things like dance or paint or design are bashed for it in high school.  We've aligned beauty on the feminine side and strength on the masculine side and the insecurities of the teen years force lines to be drawn--a primary fallacy that gets carried into adulthood.

We've taken a list of qualities, aligned them by gender, then made it a limiting list rather than an expansive list.

Maybe we should rethink that.

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