I decided to test-drive Postcrossing. The idea is simple:

  1. You purchase some postcards. (I picked mine up at DFW Airport while waiting for a plane.)
  2. You register with Postcrossing. 
  3. When you are ready to send you request an address.  Postcrossing gives you an address of someone in another country who is also signed up along with an ID number to write on the postcard so the recipient can log it when they receive it.  
  4. Write a few sentences on the postcard, address it, add the registration number. 
  5. Check with for the amount of postage needed. 
  6. Send the postcard and log that you've sent it at 
I sent postcards to Lithuania, Germany and Russia. And just received my first postcard this week from a girl in Germany.  

Postcrossing has prompts to help you know what to write.  (Coming up with 2-3 sentences for a stranger can be daunting. )

Anyway, the whole process of sending and receiving has been really fun. 

I think I'll keep it up! 

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