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This week, I had an anniversary at my day job...18 years.

I've often quipped that "I've been working there temporarily for eighteen years." That's because in the beginning, I had only planned to stay until my writing career took off. In fact, I was diligent about making sure that I set up great processes so that someone could step into my position effortlessly when I left. 

What I didn't plan on was the amount of ownership I would feel or how much I would enjoy the people I worked with. Nor did I know just how much opportunity would be generated to do things that I loved nor how challenged I'd be by the continual exposure to new ideas. 

I do more writing now than I ever did then, and I've gotten better at it because its been tested in the real world. I have many friends who are artists whose day jobs frustrate them. I found that mine could build my craft.

As it turns out, artists and day jobs don't have to be adversarial. 

LinkedIn sent out its "Cathy is celebrating a work anniversary" post to my network, and this afternoon I found the most beautiful words written by my co-workers. It's easy to spark when you are surrounded by a bunch of other creative smart people.  In fact, I can't think of anything more beneficial than having a team who makes you better than who you could possibly be on your own. 

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