Bethany graduates college

This weekend, we drove to San Antonio for Bethany's graduation from UTSA.  It's a big deal to graduate from college.  All of that time spent in the library, working on projects, studying for tests, managing bartending shifts so that you can pay the rent.

Bethany is a young woman with drive and determination.  It was really fun to see her achieve her goals. It was also really fun to spend time as a family to honor her in her achievement. Chase and Grammie (John's mom) drove down so we had a bit of a road trip to catch up.

Note to Bethany, 

We are really proud of you. We've watched you work hard--not only to earn a degree, but to build a life and to grow and become. May you be blessed always with a sense of purpose and accompanied by great people who love and support you. 

Much love, 
Mom and Dad

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