My year in 10 images

Bethany and I decided to get matching tattoos at the beginning of the year.  Can I just say that EVERYONE with tattoos greatly undersells how much it hurts and this was a first and last for me. (It's the word, shalom, on my foot.  Bethany got it on her ribs.)

I began the year reading Everything that Remains, then had the chance to meet the authors when they came to Dallas.  Minimalism remained a strong theme for the year. 

SMPS Dallas was a huge source of inspiration and connection for me this year professionally.  I got to speak at national with my buddy Shannah and studied for the CPSM exam with a group of great people. 
April and May, I was immersed in the renaming and rebranding of the company I've worked with for the past eighteen years.  To say there was ownership was an understatement.  This passion for becoming and then aligning everything around it called for early mornings, late nights and was so very worth it. 

In June, my marketing partner, Michele,  left our firm and moved to Colorado because her husband took a job there that matches his skill and passion.  I went to visit her in September and we totally needed these scarves for her son's game. (In fact, I had to leave at halftime because it was way too cold.) 

Chase moved in with us in June to reduce his expenses so he could transition from bartending to a corporate job. Since Chase hasn't lived with us in five years, it was fun to get to see him on a daily basis. In fact, it has been pretty special. 

I went to my high school reunion which turned out to be really fun.  I'm glad Melissa talked me into it. 
I spent a week in Curacao with the yogis and as beautiful as the country was, my favorite part of the vacation was the depth of the practice and the incredible sense of community.  I love my "sangha."

Bethany graduated college.
We added a new member to our family!

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