Thoughts are things

Thoughts are things.

Or so I've heard.

We have tremendous capacity to create simply by what we think.  And that isn't as magical as it sounds.

  • We know that two people can have the same experience and yet live it very differently based on the way they think about it.
  • We know that what we focus on grows.
  • We know that the stories we tell ourselves shape the way we feel about things.

But what if it goes further? What if our imagination can be used to legitimately create stuff?

After all, poets, science fiction writers and movie makers, have all painted pictures with their words that later came to be true.  The stories they told made people think that something was possible, then people worked to make it so.

What if we have a role in co-creation that begins with our thoughts?

If so, then we should take seriously what we dwell on.

And maybe in some cases what we dwell on shouldn't be serious at all.

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