Using more essential oils

Essential oils have been a part of my routine since the little Herb Shop in downtown Carrollton taught classes all those years ago.

The thing about essential oils is that they have properties that can affect mood, fight illness and are often more effective than their chemical counterparts. 

My friend, Cheryl-the-Kindhearted at Yogiolo has been a rep for Young Living for awhile now and recently I purchased a starter kit from her which contained a selection of oil blends and a diffuser.  I have to confess I was a little cautious on these because there was so much hype surrounding the brand, but after a few months of using them I can say that the efficacy is really much better than what I was using before.

This is what I'm using and how it impacts:

Peppermint - a drop rubbed between the fingers and placed behind the ears is more effective than coffee at waking me up in the morning. I also keep a spray bottle of filtered water with a few drops of peppermint oil in it that I mist my face with.  Inhaling the fresh scent is energizing and shoo's away any 3pm slumps.

Lavender or YL's Peace and Calming Blend is lovely in the diffuser for sleep.

Lemon, Tangerine or YL's Citrus Fresh Blend are just happy scents and I enjoy running them during the day.  I also use a few drops of lemon in a 32 oz glass bottle of filtered water to clean my countertops, floors and bathroom.  It smells wonderful.

I've put Rosemary and Cedarwood in my unscented shampoo.  It is supposed to promote hair growth, but quite frankly, I just like the smell.  I also use rosemary to stop migraines.

I use YL's Stress Away Blend with a rollerball on the top of the bottle when I'm traveling and have found it about as effective as a glass of wine.

This winter I've been making a hot drink with Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, honey and a drop of YL's Thieves Blend which is warming and immune boosting.  (I figure it is healthier than a flu shot.)  Cheryl also made me a small bottle with a carrier oil, oregano, lemon and thieves to rub on my neck when I'm in crowded places to help protect from colds and flu.  Though Bethany complained it made her "smell like a garden" I really like the scent and enjoy it.

There are books and online resources that detail oils, their properties and uses, but I think the best way to learn what they do is to start using them and find what is effective for you.  I got a book through Cheryl that has been a handy resource guide for figuring out how to put my oils to good use.

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