What support looks like...

I had foot surgery on Wednesday.  A flat foot reconstruction that is going to have me in a cast for six weeks. (Then a boot for six weeks after that.)

It's made me think about support a lot.  (Mostly because when the tendon that supports your arch gives way--your whole foot and leg don't work right at all.)

But it's also made me notice support in the people who surround me...like my...

- Husband who is taking care of the most basic day-to-day things like food, transportation and cleaning.
- Sister, who sent me markers and a pretty hilarious text message from her dog.
- Team at my day job who are flexible enough to let me work from home while I'm in recovery and to cover all the bases while I'm out.
- Friends who brought meals, essential oils, and just general love and good wishes.

Surgery is scary even on the best of days, but it helps when you have people around you who love and support you.

Communities don't just happen, they are built. If you don't have this level of support around you, then start seeking new friends in places where awesome people hang out--which are generally churches, philanthropic endeavors, yoga studios, animal rescues, guerrilla art collectives and other places where people give of themselves wholeheartedly. If you join in and give of yourself too, you will suddenly find a world of support.

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