Working from home vs. working from the office

So, during my recuperation I've been working from home.  Here is what I love about it:

1. Saved time.  No commute and I take a really short lunch.
2. Saved money. I don't eat out.  I just heat up leftovers or make a sandwich.
3. Dogs.  Enough said.
4. Essential oil diffuser. Sometimes I use oils in a spray form or cup of tea at work, but I usually get a comment....WHAT IS THAT???
5. I see John more. John also works from home.

Here is what I love about the office.

1. The energy from the team. 

And that one pro is enough to outweigh all of the advantages of working from home.  I need the energy of other people.  And while I have video chat--which helps--it isn't quite the same.

I know different people have different experiences with this.  Which do you prefer? Working from home or working from an office?

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