Our need to be visible

We need to be seen.

Even those of us who shun the spotlight need to be known.

Jesus famously said, "No one lights a lamp, then puts it under a clay pot."

We were made in the image of God--which is inherently shiny.

Part of the key to us being known has a lot to do with overcoming fear. As long as we are afraid of rejection we may settle on a version of ourselves rather than the real us. It's a way of hiding.  A clay pot so to speak. We have to be willing to live out from under those so that our light can be seen.

I've observed that sometimes when we are particularly attached to our clay pots, that life inevitably comes along to break them.  At first, you may be tempted to come along with glue and duct tape to rebuild them, but often the exposure is freeing and you find you were never really comfortable undert the clay pot at all.

This commitment to being who we really are and letting people know us can be deeply satisfying. Not only that but the vulnerability of being seen allows others to let go of their clay pots. It creates a safe space where they can shine too.

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