The box of 'almost cards'

My friend, Robin-the-Artist, used to have a box of "almost cards."  You see, Robin was the artist who introduced me to papercrafting and inks.  Her box was filled with projects that were started or sort of completed but never actually finished.

The box was beautiful.  Pieces with printed ink patterns.  Artful cut outs. All sorts of lovely things laying in wait.

One night when I went over equipped with Thai takeout (Robin supplied the plum wine), I got to play with the "almost cards" box. I was a newbie at this and having something started felt really helpful. Plus, I got into the idea of taking them from potential to realized.

In many ways I see why it was easier for me to land the "almost cards" than it was for Robin.  How do I know this?

Because all artists have their box of "almost cards."

For me, it is in writing.  At the moment, I have an unfinished novel, a string of blog posts with missing middles or endings, and a notebook full of one-sentence ideas that have never been developed.

Artists deal in potential.

Sometimes, that potential has to lie in wait for the muse to come so they can be brought to fruition.

And sometimes, you have to sit your butt in a chair and pull out the "almost blogs" and just start writing--muse or not--to meet  a deadline.

Luckily, the muse happens to like dedication and struggle.  And often, if we sit there long enough, she will come and give us a break.

I do know this.  Without fingers at the keyboard, the potential remains only that.

A box of "almost."

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