A strategy for keeping our word to ourselves

It's important to keep our word to ourselves. 

You know, those things we say we want to do?

When we say to ourselves we want something, or make a commitment to do something, then do nothing about it, we lose credibility with ourselves which can create disappointment, self-loathing and other destructive spirals.

One strategy to help us succeed in this is a highly practical one.

Getting up an hour early to do "that thing" (you know, the one we beat ourselves up about not doing) can create huge traction in our life.

What we do with that time can be as different as us.  We can be creative; we can clean; we can work out; we can make a green smoothie; we can read or pray or a host of other things.

There are some advantages to morning that you might not think about.  For one, our resistance is less when we are sleepy.  For another, there is no one else making demands on us that early.  But probably the most important thing is that when you do that one thing--the one that really matters to you--first thing in the morning? You feel great about yourself for the rest of the day. It helps you get unstuck in the area you feel stuck in.

If you need some inspiration on this, Jeff Sanders has a podcast called The 5am Miracle all about "dominating your day before breakfast."  It is one of the most popular on iTunes with good reason. The strategy really works.

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