How I'm working on my posture

So I started looking into the LumoLift's...a gadget that will buzz you everytime you slouch--except that the reviews weren't good enough for me to gamble $80 on it.

So, I started looking for something else.

I found Meaning to Pause a bracelet designed by two women in the corporate world who were tired of living their lives on autopilot.

The bracelet vibrates every :60 minutes or every :90 minutes (you choose when you order).  You can also select the bead color and patterns.

I'm using it to remind me to sit up straight when it vibrates, but it could also be used for many other things.  It could remind you to pray, or to smile, or to be thankful.  In fact, the Meaning to Pause website has a number of ways listed that people use them.  You can even buy a group of bracelets and sync them.  Check it out. 

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