Of sunglasses, classrooms and one-ness

Last weekend I went to Florida with Melania-Joy to visit Allyson-in-Triplicate. As we were floating in the ocean, we started talking about how vibrant the colors were. The blue of the sky. The green of the trees. The red flowers just beyond the sand. But as we talked, we realized we were seeing three different versions of the colors because of our sunglasses. Each of us were in the same place, perceiving a different experience. (We swapped sunglasses so that each could see the colors the way the other was seeing.)

The next morning over coffee, we talked about writers, writing and words. (Allyson-in-Triplicate is also a writer.) Allyson mentioned that a class of 50 people can have a long discussion about the actual meaning of the word preposterous and come up with 50 different opinions--none of which may be the intent of the writer who selected that word.  Their interpretation is colored by their particular way of seeing.

We see this all the time in committee meetings, town halls, and even families. 

Here is the thing.  If we are all going to be one, this is not going to happen around belief. But that doesn't mean that oneness is impossible.  It just means that it has to happen around something else.  I believe that something is love. 

If we are going to achieve one-ness it will be about love. 

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