Small disciplines matter

Small disciplines make a big difference.

I watched a talk by Naval Adm. William McRaven where he says why making the bed to perfection every morning is an important part of Navy SEAL training.

It is similar to why the FlyLady has people shine the kitchen sink as the first step in reclaiming a home.

(It is the reason that last night after purchasing new glassware, I boxed up the old glassware and packaged it for donation before putting the new ones in place. )

Doing things daily with consistent practice matters. When I was taking yoga teacher training they highlighted that the Yoga Sutra 1.14 says that you have to "practice for a long time, continually, with your heart in it to create a rooted, stable and solid foundation."

The thing is that these consistent, daily practices are what create our lives. So, anything we are dissatisfied with, can change with small daily practices that addresses it.  

If we want a deeper spiritual life, a daily prayer or meditation time is a good practice. 
More fitness? Daily exercise. 
Eat more vegetables? Add a salad before dinner each night. 
More friends? Do something to connect with someone each day. 
A better living space? Declutter for 15 minutes every day.  

Real change is created in increments. And we have to do it daily for it to have the power to shape our lives. 

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