When it shows on people's faces

Yesterday, a woman walked into the vegan cafe where I was having lunch. Her head was shaved and she wore the red and yellow robes of a Buddhist monk.

And I couldn't help myself.  I was so curious.  So I asked her, "what is it like to be a monk?"  

She smiled and she shared. She let me know she was a nun. She told me she had started by volunteering at the Buddhist temple that she had decided she wanted to live a life devoted to helping others. And as she said all of this, her face was shining. That beautiful thing that happens when someone is in love or knows some wonderful secret that they can hardly articulate.

The thing is...as I was talking with her I felt this incredible kinship. And I was reminded this morning that Joan-the-Dancer once said to me: "Have you ever been talking with someone of a different religion and realized you were both in love with the same Person?"

Yesterday was one of those moments.

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