Diving deep into morning routines

Okay, so recently, I've become a podcast junkie. Who knew that there was SO much good content out there on iTunes?

One of the podcasts that I am really enjoying is Jeff Sanders' 5am Miracle.  I've learned through my own experience that small daily rituals are the most effective place to create change in my life.  Jeff Sanders' podcast is all about that:  mornings, productivity, personal growth and healthy habits.

My challenge with my morning routines is that I tend to like variety and tweak them a lot.  Jeff has a daily ritual tracker that you can download by joining his mailing list--which made me sit down with intention and identify what it is I really want to do with my precious two hours in the morning. (One of those things is write.)

Jeff also interviews interesting guests. This week he had Bob Proctor on the show--a man who built success through gratitude and who has recently released the ABC's of Success which capture what he's learned over the past 80 years. (I love it when people share the "cheat codes" for life.)

Anyway, Jeff's podcast has inspired me to take a new look at my morning routine. He also emphasizes how the evening routine of setting out workout clothes, getting to bed on time, etc. sets you up for success in a morning routine.

If you've never thought about your morning and evening rituals, I highly recommend doing it.  They are powerful tools for bringing healthy habits into your life.  And if you want support, I recommend the resources at jeffsanders.com.  Download the daily rituals tracker and map out what you want to do for yourself!

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