Getting my sh*t together

So, if you are like me there are things you know you need to do, but they just aren't high on the priority list.  Except that sometimes, if we don't do them, they can create a huge hassle either for us down the line or for someone else.

Some of those "things to do" are to get a will, power of attorney, financial and other stuff taken care of.

Chanel created a great website called It was born out of her own experience suddenly losing her husband very young.

Chanel writes:

Doing your will is a hassle, collecting passwords is a pain in the ass. I know, I get it. But so is going to the dentist, changing the oil in your car, and getting an annual mammogram. And, we manage to do that stuff anyway.

So, Get Your Shit Together was born. Out of scribbles in notebooks, hours and hours making phone calls and tracking stuff down. There was an unbelievable amount of help from friends. Not to mention numerous messy late nights, some very dark thoughts, and more than a handful of moments too unbearable to repeat. I (mostly) have my shit together. Now it’s your turn. I want to help.

Over the past few weeks, John and I made the commitment to "just do it." The site is completely free and makes completing things really easy. The documents are set up for the state of Washington, but after a small amount of research, I found all I needed to do was to change the state to Texas. Completing the process took some time, but way less than I thought.  Chanel makes it really easy.

If you find the site helpful and want to make a donation, be sure to check the contact page to find out how to do that.

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