Our imaginations matter

Everything created by humans is a product of imagination.  Someone thought of it and either brought it about themselves or inspired others imaginations who created it together.

That part of us that thinks, feels and dreams is powerful.

Our imaginations create things in the real world.

You may have read about the power of visualization in healing. There is scientific evidence that what we imagine impacts the body. (As if we need that....we all know that horror movies aren't real and yet our physical experience of it is.)

Worry is imagination.  The development of invisible scenarios in our mind.

Creativity is imagination connected to our hands.  We write or paint or do something else to make the invisible tangible.  (Pinterest is full of this!)

What we do with our imaginations matters.  The power of it is that what we think about often comes to pass. Our feet can't help but follow where our minds go.

We can imagine beautiful things.  Let's use our powers for good.

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