In case you missed the Ashley Madison memo wasn't just selling sex. They were selling secrecy.

And—shocker—that privacy no longer exists.

In fact, one of the self-evident truths of the digital world is that the compartments, silos, amnesiac walls—all of the strategies that used to be in place before the technology arrived that put everything in the palm of everyone's hands—are gone.

And you know the best thing about it?

We get to be us. Everywhere.

Not only does this sunshine revolution not allow us to lie to others. It doesn't allow us to lie to ourselves.

This is the world where the Rachel Dolezals and the Josh Duggars are revealed.

If our leaders, co-workers and family members cannot hide pieces of themselves, then suddenly, there is an incredibly even playing field—one where relationships don't get to be managed or based on fraud. They simply are what they are.

What does that mean on a personal level? It means we own our choices. It means we are required to be honest about our mistakes.

The thing is, what we've done exists. The new part is that it is no longer masked.

The other good thing is that it isn't just individuals that get unmasked.  Know what all that sunshine showed about Ashley Madison itself? According to Gizmodo, only about 12,000 of the 5.5 million female profiles were real. And, even when people paid the site to delete their accounts, the system kept their user data on file.  That's a whole lot of fraud that's about to hit the courts.  Well....if anyone will prosecute.

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