Managing our energy

We all live with an "energy checking account." 

We make deposits with sleep, food, water, rest, time with friends or that activity that we love; and we make withdrawals through work, being beside someone suffering, interacting with a lot of people, running errands, etc.

We absolutely have to keep our "energy checking account" balanced.  Consistently overdrawn accounts work the same for us as they do at the bank: the punishment for overdawing is far more than the money you have overdrawn.

Does that make sense? 

When we overdraw our energy accounts it typically takes way more time, space and rest to get us back to balance than it would seem we have overspent.

I don't know why our bodies, souls and spirits are wired this way, but I have experienced that they are.

So, do you need to make a deposit today? If so, go to bed early or drink a bunch of water or simply take a night off.  We each know deep inside what recharges us.  And we are the only ones who can make margin for it.

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