Grown-Up Candyland complete with rules

Sheila-with-the-Angel-Tattoo makes up games. It makes her birthday parties really fun. So I wondered if I could make up a game too, and invited some of the yogis over to test drive "Grown-Up Candyland'.

Grown-Up Candyland is played with the board and pieces from the classic game. (We went old school and used the original Candy Land 65th Anniversary Game which we ordered from Amazon.)  There are only four pieces in that game, so you can supplement with something you make yourself if you have more than four players. (We used a couple of random tubes of Chapstick, but you could get more creative than that.)

The idea in Grown-Up Candyland is that you draw a card and move your piece to the matching square just like in the original, but in the grown up version you have to "do something" whenever you land on a square. If you fail at your task, you go back three spaces. The person who gets to the end wins a prize (which in our test run was just bragging rights).

Here is what you do:
  • Purple – Feats of Strength (We made people do two chinups on the bar over the doorway or lift a 40 pound weight)
  • Yellow – Feats of Agility (Players throw a marshmallow in air and catch by mouth but you could also have people balance a spoon on their nose for 20 seconds or any other "stupid human trick.")
  • Blue – Post a goofy selfie with anyone at the table to Facebook or Instagram.
  • Orange – Drink a Shot of Whiskey or Pickle Juice.
  • Green - Charades - Get the person on your right to guess whatever you act out within the 2 minute timer. (If you get it the person to your right gets to draw a card and moves forward also.)
  • Red – Answer a Trivia Question within the timer. (Note we used online flashcards for world capitals.)
  • Special Characters –Special characters either move you forward (if the square with the candy is ahead of you) or back 10 spaces if it is behind you. Either way, you get a piece of candy.
Want to do something unusual at a dinner party? This game will definitely provide some laughs. (If it doesn't, you totally need to get funnier friends.) 

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