Most years, I take a week of vacation to live "my week as."   It's a week devoted to test-driving a lifestyle that has appeal to me.

Some of the weeks, I learned I didn't actually enjoy the lifestyle I test drove, like My-Week-as-a-Designer, or My-Week-as-a-Trophy-Wife.  I learned interior design had a lot of shopping involved (not my favorite) and I grew bored the week I lived as a trophy wife.

Some weeks I loved, and they wound up becoming part of my current lifestyle, like My-Week-as-a-Yogi and My-Week-as-an-Artist.

Some weeks were great until halfway through like My-Week-as-a-Dog.  (That year, I was exhausted, so I just focused on eating, napping, and playing with my real dog, Pepper. Halfway through I had the same problem as the Week as a Trophy Wife.)

This week, I heard someone say that if you want something in your life, then it it important to "Live-Life-as-If..."

For example, if you want to be in love, you can Live-Life-as-If you were in love.  You can generate those feelings by falling in love with life. You can wear beautiful clothes and dress as if it were for someone. You can purchase flowers. You can change your thought patterns to see yourself as desired and desirable.

Or if you want to be wealthy, you can Live-Life-as-If you were rich.  This is not about overdrawing your bank account, it is about a mindset.  You can be generous. You can see the beauty in what you own and more importantly what you have access to. You can change your thought patterns from thinking of yourself as broke to thinking of yourself as rich.

This idea of Live-Life-as-If is powerful because it changes our experience. And it does so because much of our experience is determined by our internal selves. We have the power to Live-Life-as-If. We can pour our energy and creativity into developing it.

And we don't even have to take a week of vacation to do it.  We can start now.

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