What if the big thing you've been searching for is right in front of you?

I read this on a friend's Facebook wall...

Someone wise told me a long time ago that rather than spend my time seeking to discover my Greater Purpose, I should simply keep my eyes open for needs that present themselves, and meet those when I can. Seems to be working.

I'm curious if sometimes we don't make things too hard. We work to discover our purpose as if it were a Sherlock Holmes case and we must be incredibly smart and clever to figure it out. 

What if it isn't that hard? 

What if the key to finding our purpose is actually right in front of us? What if discovery--and I do believe it has to be discovered--is about the small things rather than the giant one? 

In having our eyes open so that we see the needs that present themselves? 

If this is the way it works, then the enemy of finding our purpose might be in being caught up with so many non-essential things that we are blind to what is in front of us.

Our purpose is in reach. The clues are all around us.  They just aren't as big as we thought they'd be. 

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