What if you made that choice that 1,000 times?

What if I made that choice 1,000 times?

The question hit me hard.  Why? Because I had all these questions in my mind about what I should do.  Do I make this choice or that one? Go this way or that? 

Jeff Sanders in his podcast says that Connor Beaton asked him that question.  The insignificant choices that we make take us somewhere and it is easier to see trajectory if we ask ourselves the question of scale.  What if I made that choice 1,000 times? 

Should I skip the workout? 
Write today? 
Eat the cookie? 
Call my mom? 

What would happen to my life if I made that choice 1,000 times? Would it move me closer to who I want to be or further away? 

The small things we do...the little actions...take us somewhere. 

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