Could you test drive your dream?

Once I knew a teacher who had a dream to open a European-style deli—which she eventually did. The decor was perfect. The food was wonderful. What she hadn't taken into account was what her role would be in that dream. While the deli was everything she'd imagined, standing on her feet making sandwiches all day wasn't. And she hadn't anticipated just how much she would be tied to the restaurant. In many ways, her teaching gig afforded a much better lifestyle.

I called Julie-de-Vivre for some reverse mentoring this week.  I have an opportunity for a side business which I think would be really fun and would help me build out a brand I've had sitting on the shelf for awhile.

Julie is ambitious and very smart. (She would add that she is kind of a big deal.) Julie had a brilliant piece of advice. What if I connected with someone who was already doing what I wanted to do and shadowed them? What if I took small assignments for someone who was already accomplishing my dream to see if I liked it?

Time, money and energy are limited resources—and while it is in my makeup to launch new things (I'm an activator in StrengthsFinder), just because I have the ambition to do something doesn't mean it won't cost me to accomplish it.

To be good at something requires focus.  One of the appeals of minimalism is that you say no to everything-all-the-time to focus on a few things that really have meaning.  That shift in my life has brought greater enjoyment. I don't plan to lose it.

Julie's idea of a test drive takes the pressure off.  It will be a litmus test to let me know it it might be worth clearing space to pursue something new.

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