Having people who 'get' you

We all need people who 'get' us.

I think its the reason that gifts can be so powerful in our lives. When someone sees something that "looks like us" and buys it for us, there is power in it. I remember one Christmas when I got a bag of random things from my sister-in-law that were all simple and so totally me. It made me feel loved that she knew me.

We need people to know us.  (Quite frankly, that's the driving engine behind Facebook.)  Even if we are introverts or keep our friends to a small circle, we need that small circle. A big part of our human experience is the desire to know and be known.

It takes time too.

We are all these great wells of personhood. It is so amazing to me that after 28 years of living with John I still discover things about him.  Heck, I still discover stuff about myself. This slow unfolding requires time, attention and acknowledgement.

So, looking at our circles...

Who do we need to see today? What could we do to let them know we "get" them?

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