Noticing our interior life

We can get so caught up in exteriors that we miss the interior.

There are practices that help us notice our interior: prayer, silence, meditation, contemplation, time in nature...but we have to carve out the time to practice them.

It is interesting to me how often I let my interior practices get pushed out by more mundane things.  How a vibrant practice somehow gets lost in the shuffle.  How 20 minutes becomes 5.

For sure there are times and seasons in our lives where this is appropriate. Raising toddlers comes to mind. Or being in the middle of a trade show.  But the majority of our life isn't during these demands.

There are time stealers for sure....that extra television show, surfing Facebook, those ten minutes I zoned out because I couldn't fully wake up...

But I think often, we lose our time through lack of attention.

And the thing about ignoring our interior life is that it doesn't immediately cost us.

Until it does.

The flame in our hearts has to be tended.  We can't keep banking it and expect it not to go out.  All of the things that matter in this life are connected to it. We have to honor it.

Ever wonder why so many people in the modern world we still pray? Why we still seek silence and contemplation?

It is because noticing our interior life is essential.

Our interior cannot be outsourced.

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