Someday isn't real. It doesn't exist.

I want to do it now. 

Of course if I do it now then I can only use the resources I have right now. Whatever time, energy, and money I have will be all that I am able to leverage.

If I wait until I'm fully funded, it might not come to pass. For that matter, I may never be "fully funded."

Doing it now just takes a little more creativity. 

All of the things I want...philanthropy, travel, to practice my art...are within reach, but the scale won't be grand. Giving $100 instead of $100,000. Taking a day trip instead of going to Europe. Writing a blog instead of writing a book. Drawing with digital crayons instead of painting a canvas.

Our lives are created by what we do with our resources. And many people have done amazing things with their own small loaves and fishes.

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