Changing my script around money

I was inspired by Carol Tuttle to change my language around money. Honestly, I never realized I had language around money at all until I started trying to change it.  It happened with three simple acts:

1. I wrote on a $20 bill.  Now, officially it isn't legal to write on bills, but since I'm not going to spend it, I figure it is okay. I gave money a voice with the ink on it and said things like: money flows easily, money is easy to come by, money blesses people, etc.  Basically, I gave it a positive voice rather than the negative phrases around money we often hear.

2. John and I played a money game. We started with a fake $1,000 and talked about how we would spend it if that money came into our lives.  The next night, we doubled it.  We kept doubling and kept making plans and here is what we learned.  We figured out what was important to us.  Did you know there is a verse that says "where your treasure is, your heart is too"? We uncovered hidden dreams.  Once we got the basic needs and repairs met with our spending, we turned to blessing people with the cash.  We identified how important entertaining is to us. We zeroed in on the people and causes we cared about.

3. I dreamed without resource limitations. I've written about my vision board practice.  This time last year, I wrote things that were financially out of reach on my board.  Ten days in Panama? No idea how to pay for that. Siding for the house? Repairing the interior? Again. No clue.  And yet, here it is December and those things have happened.

The reality is that the money didn't all come from one place. It was a combination of freelance writing jobs, refinancing to pull some equity and losing some expenses.

But I do believe that by changing my language, I changed what was possible because I began to see it differently.  We don't pursue things that we don't at least have a little faith could happen.

Changing our script around money, changes the possibilities.

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