My year in 15 images - 2015

This is my year in 15 images:
Mac joined our family. He is a very happy and loving dog.

Foot surgery had a much longer recovery than I realized.  For about 2 months, this was my view. I worked via laptop from my pillow throne.
We spent many fun evenings with the yogis.  This was my birthday celebration at Kalachanji's.
Allyson moved to Florida, so Melanie and I went to visit her.  She introduced us to this really cool tea shop.
I wish I had a photo with all of my SMPS people in it. This professional organization has resulted in great career advice, fun evenings, significant conversations and deep friendships. On this evening we went to Painting with a Twist and everyone wore hats for me because of my friend, Janene's phrase: "Life is short. Wear the hat."
In July, we launched the first annual 214-972-512 Hutchison BBQ.
One day at my office, Steve had a budgie (tired and thirsty) land at his feet on the way to lunch.  I took Budgie home and found him a friend, Sky (who has little white clouds on his blue belly).
I got to share my "In the Doghouse" story alongside these amazing people at the October Oral Fixation Show.
This image from Oral Fixation is one of my favorite ever. John is really supportive of me. 
Melly-the-Rocker-Chick and I have "experience dates."  On one of my favorites, we went to Sephora for a personalized makeup class!
This is another one of my favorite images because it celebrates daily life.  Each day when the dogs hear the garage door go up, they watch and wait for John. Bethany's dog, Mia, lived with us for part of the year while Bethany was either trying to graduate or backpacking through Panama. 
My sister, Karen, and I got to meet our cousins from California.
John and I went back to Panama and got to see the house where we lived from 1990 to 1993. After this, we went to Boca Chica for a yoga retreat with many of our friends in one of the most beautiful locations I've ever visited.

Me, Melania-Joy and Cheryl-the-Kindhearted working on vision boards. 

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