When faced with evil...

Most of us confront evil in the world. Cruelty, manipulation, exploitation...

But every once in awhile we get confronted by something we just can't shake.  It is one thing to hear about evil in the news, which seems far away, but to be confronted by something closer...things like horrific child abuse... Well, that kind of evil, we don't want to believe exists.

As I've sat with this over the past few weeks, it occurs to me that if there is that depth of evil in the world, then there has to be that depth of love. After all, we know it exists. It's the reason we seek it. We know love...even if it is just in our relationship with a cat or dog.  And if it exists, then it is simply a matter of scale.  Is there enough love equivalent to the evil? Could there be more love than evil?

My opinion is that evil is louder than good. That it gets more press. But that doesn't mean it tips the scale. 

Evil's commerce is destruction and pain, but if that depth of pain exists, then so must the depth of healing. We hear inspirational stories of the survivors like Viktor Frankl or Vincent Cochetel or maybe just the people we personally know who have endured unspeakable abuse. There is something about the survivors that makes them more—as if suffering at the hands of evil increases our capacity for good.

Most survivors don't wear their stories. Instead, they simply work incognito as bearers of light against the darkness. I'm reminded by the quote of Ian MacLaren, Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.  Maybe it is a more important reminder to say, that there is indeed a battle and a weapon of light is kindness. None of us want to live in a dark world, and the thing about light and darkness is that we can't simply arrange to hang out in an armchair comfortably in the middle. In every interaction, we are on a side.

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