Theme for 2016 | Abundance

We grow up learning a certain form of economics.  Remember the word problems we were given in elementary school math class? If Johnny has four apples and gives three to Susie, how many apples does Johnny have left? 

However, there are some things that—when you give them away—multiply. Things like love, generosity, compassion... They defy the math.

Honestly, I think this "new economics" was at the heart of the story of Jesus each time He references the "Kingdom of Heaven." All are stories of how the rules have changed.  You get power by giving away power. You get life by losing your life.

My theme for 2016 is abundance. It celebrates the new economics.

We get the choice every day of the investments we make. We can invest in the things that multiply or the things that divide.

Most importantly, we don't have to live in fear and scarcity. The things that are the most real can be genuinely abundant, but it requires some investment on our part by giving them away.

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