PODCAST INTERVIEW | Tired of Food Stress? Lose the label.

Are you sick of having to wear a label about how you eat?

I am.

I don't want to be vegetarian, or paleo, or raw vegan. For sure, sometimes the labels are helpful. For example, I can walk into a restaurant and read "gluten free" and know my selection won't trigger my wheat allergy.

What I'm tired of is the label as identity. Because as I shared in Breaking Up With Veganism when you leave the camp, some people get twitchy and others rejoice.

I'm pretty sure eating was never meant to be a team sport with jerseys.

This week, I was interviewed on Wellness Force about making changes, the emotional component to weight loss and how much I wish it worked like a Disney movie.  Curious? Listen to this week's episode of Wellness Force Friday: http://wellnessforce.com/radio/veganism/

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